Tar and Chip Services

Northern Neck’s Tar-and-Chip Driveway Experts

Your driveway needs proper care. You will have to hire a professional in order to do this. There are many paving contractors in Northern Neck. But Northern Neck Paving is one of the best paving contractors in Northern Neck, Virginia. We generally offer our valuable services to the residents and business owners of Northern Neck. We assure to complete your project on time. You do not need to worry about that. We know the value of time and money.

Our various services:

We offer so many services to our customers. We offer asphalt repairing and maintaining services. We offer high-quality workmanship and professionalism.

Tar and chip driveway installation

We offer this type of driveway installation for your home and business place. The roads are actually built in this way. It is a very cost effective way to change your driveway. If you really want to down the cost, then you can go for this installation option. Our experts will help you in this regard. It is a low-cost alternative material to asphalt. We will send our experienced workmen in order to handle this matter. They will definitely guide you according to your specific needs. There are many tar and chip contractors in Northern Neck. But we are the best of all.

Chip seal paving

Chip seal is one kind of application process of a special kind of protective wearing surface to the existing pavement surface. It is also known as seal coating or the bituminous surface treatment. We offer you this kind of service in order to protect your driveway. Our experts will do the installation for you. You do not need to take pressure about anything. You can enjoy your driving after our services. We are here to change your parking experience. We ensure your smooth parking experience with our valuable service.

Call us for a Free Quote

You can call us and get free quotes for all our service. You will just have to dial our number 804-206-8903. Our experienced workmen will go to your place and understand your needs. We are the top class service provider in Northern Neck, Virginia. We provide our high-class services to surrounding areas of Northern Neck. You are just one step away from a phone call. You should not ignore your driveway problem. You will have to find a solution for it in order to avoid any kinds of accidents and injuries.

We are the best asphalt pavement service provider in Northern Neck, Virginia. Our experienced and trained workmen are there to guide you regarding your problem. They will solve your problem with their experience. We offer you the top class services. We offer you the top class services in affordable price. We are there to remove your damaged driveway and install a new one. Our providing materials are extremely good and long-lasting. You do not take pressure about these all. Our experts will see the whole matter very professionally. We do not give you a single chance to complain about our services. We will do our level best in order to serve you better.


If you are looking for expert paving services outside of the area, check out this residential paving company in Raleigh NC.

No Hassle Free Quotes in Northern Neck

For more details about our paving services or how to connect with us when in need of the solutions we provide, call us at 804-206-8903 for free consultations and quotes on all the paving services we offer.

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